Text 24 May 3 notes Which one to trust?

So there is this girl who thinks Ron Paul is the worst thing in American History.

Her justification to why she is superior to other people is that she…

Majored in History.

Graduated from Law school.


Then we have Judge Andrew Napolitano…

Graduate of Princeton University

And Notre Dame Law School..

Served as a New Jersey Superior Court Judge (The youngest member at that time)

Then taught law for 11 years at Seton Hall University School of Law..

He has also written numerous books on the Constitution and etc…

He supports Ron Paul.

I think I’ll go with Andrews Judgement on this one.

Text 10 May 6 notes This kid mocked me for supporting Ron Paul.

He claims to “know” politics and the system.

I asked him if he knew what Kenyensian and Austrian Economics were.

He looked at my like I was talking German.

(He also supported Newt and Santorum)

People kill me.

Text 7 May 6 notes Why are Libertarians fighting betwen Ron Paul and Gary Johnson?

This is just pure stupidity. We all need to band together and help both candidates achieve their maximum potential.

Photo 4 May 2 notes Right Libertarian FTW

Right Libertarian FTW

Text 1 May 1 note Even though people on tumblr say the stupidest things about economics and politics, but I’ll vehemently defend their right to say them.
Text 29 Apr 5 notes Checked the “political compass tag” and everyone is left-wing libertarian. It’s lonely being a right wing libertarian :(
Quote 8 Mar 3 notes
Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation.

Milton Friedman

Inflation is a rampant stealth tax on Americans.  It was great to see Ron Paul bring it up in front of Congress.

(via kennethto)

Video 8 Mar 3 notes


Milton Friedman: Redistribution of Wealth

Photo 2 Mar 8 notes
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